BedsideBag (BSB) X-Ray Protection Bag is a proven, disposable protection bag for x-ray cassettes which is used under x-ray examination. BSB comes with a unique combination of advantages:

- Ease of use and personell efficiency: BSB is easy and intuitive to use and has en extra-smooth low- friction backing which makes patient handling easier and less demanding. A clear upper side makes it easy to view and position the image plate without disturbing image quality.

- Patient safety and hygienic standards: BSB is a hygienic solution with a sealable adhesive closure which reduces the risk of contamination and protects the x-ray plates against body fluids.

- Patient comfort and relaxation: BSB makes patients feel more comfortable due to its soft cushion upper side, and due to the insulation against the cold image plate. Relaxed patients are easier to examine and in this way BSB is a win-win solution for both personell and patients.

- Enviromentally friendly: Use of high quality polyethylen in our BSB products gives all the desired proporties and is easy to recycle.

- Reduced stress on the equipment: Due to its cushioned outer surface BSB is protecting your expensive equipment either it is a CR- image plate, a traditional x-ray plate with raster, or a DR solution.


BSB 4335 is designed for traditional and CR-cassettes with an image area of 14" x 17".

Download the product sheet of BSB 4335 (in english)

Download the product sheet of BSB 4335 (in norwegian)


BSB 6353 is especially developed for digital x-ray detector plates with an image area of 14"x17".

Download the product sheet of BSB 6353 (in english)

Download the product sheet of BSB 6353 (in norwegian)







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